Harry Potter-tårta

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Bidrag till tävlingen Årets Tårtbagare – Tårtdekoration 2013, insänt av Josefine Delve.

Typ av tårta: Födelsedagstårta
Täckt med: Sockerpasta
Bottnar av: Chocolate chip vanilla sponge
Fylld med: Vaniljsmörkräm och nutella

Harry-potter-1 harry-potter-2 Harry-potter-3

4 reaktioner på ”Harry Potter-tårta”

  1. This one is still one of my favorites! Even if it was one of your first cakes ever made! It had so many angles and so much interesting to look at! Awesome job JO!!! I am routing for you to WIN!!!! A++++++++

  2. That’s amazing! So much detail, and all very well done. I always knew you were a great artist Jo, but to see it displayed in such a way is just awesome.

    1. Thanks Mel:-)!!! I don’t know how my obsession with cakes started, but it has, and it is such a fun medium to work with :-)! So happy you like it :-)! xx


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